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We brave the wild untouched coast of Tasmania with its notorious Antarctic storms, thundering black clouds and icy winds. All to capture the precious rain of Cape Grim to bring you the finest drinking water imaginable, harvested from the purest air on Earth.

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Wild bynature

Cape Grim lies in the far north-western tip of Tasmania, flanked by rugged coastlines, verdant wilderness and tumultuous water. It’s a place that looks and feels like nowhere else. And that’s because it is like nowhere else.

The winds that roar through Cape Grim have travelled more than 16,000 kilometres across glacial southern oceans, passing no land, no city or factory, uncontaminated. This is the purest air on the planet.

Unique skies and untouched purity


Upon discovering Cape Grim’s uniqueness – a pristine place of exceptional purity – the Bureau of Meteorology and the CSIRO have been capturing the air here since 1976. Held in unassuming silver canisters, this air is sent to scientists around the world to use as a baseline for their air quality measurements. It’s the cleanest air on Earth.

So, when icy winds collide with warm air rising up and over the Cape Grim cliffs, the heavens open up and spill forth – and we’re there to capture it. Yes, it rains up to 187 days a year here, but we only harvest the most pristine raindrops at the perfect moment in time.

Meet therain farmer

Michael is a fifth generation farmer… he is the Rain Farmer.

He takes great pride in understanding the forces of nature and land and carries those learnings over to rain water farming. His attention to air purity and his knowledge of this unique climate is a quality rarely seen in these parts. He never underestimates the power and unpredictability of Mother Nature, which makes him a true craftsman when harvesting water from some of the Earth’s angriest storms. He knows when the time is right, when the air is at its purest, and nothing will stop him from seizing that moment.

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Sparkling water


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