Unlike anything on Earth


Harvested while making the journey from sky to ground, our water is unlike any that comes from the Earth. Only the raindrops that fall when the air is its purest make it into our bottles. A craft defined by science, but laboured with patience. It’s this craftsmanship that captures a rare moment in time to bring you a pristine drinking water from the purest skies.

40.6833° S, 144.6833° E


Cape Grim water comes from an area of breathtaking beauty. Situated in far northwest Tasmania, this slice of magnificent natural landscape boasts the purest air on the planet.

And from the world’s purest air comes the most pristine rain drops – a precious and rare resource. Here at Cape Grim we’ve been capturing the unique raindrops that fall towards this part of untouched Tasmania for over 19 years.


Rain that falls today is different to the rain that will fall tomorrow. Many elements affect the purity of the air and the water droplets that form from it. Careful attention and precise timing ensure we only harvest the clearest water that falls over pristine Cape Grim, when the air quality is at its finest. This is the purest of the pure. Our rain farmers capture your rainwater on-site to ensure this purity is maintained from cloud to table.


Falling from the purest sky in the world and just before hitting earth, Cape Grim raindrops are collected and filtered. Unlike spring water, or any other water collected from the ground, our water only requires minimal filtration. With less human interference, our water remains untouched, still embracing beneficial, naturally occurring minerals.

It’s this ingenuity in collection that produces the refined taste Cape Grim has become known for. And it’s what makes Cape Grim such a coveted drinking experience all around the world.

Global Accreditations

"The AWBI's primary goal is to expand awareness and use of bottled water and ensure consumers enjoy safe, high quality, good tasting bottled water.

ABWI membership is of itself an indication of that bottler's commitment to the provision of the highest quality bottled water products to their respective markets and it is recognised as such by food and beverages regulators the world over."

Our global accreditations include China, Japan and the Californian Department of Public Health – Food & Drug Branch.

As a member of HACCP, Cape Grim's bottled water, collection facility ,bottling plant and manufacturing and office procedures are fully audited by HACCP.

HACCP is internationally recognised as being "Hospital" acceptable quality control and guidelines.

The Cape Grim facility has endorsement from the Tasmanian Government's Health Department. This is done with an annual on-site inspection by both the State Health Department Director of Health and the local governments Health officer to ensure that the water, collection and bottling meet local and Tasmanian municipal health guidelines. In addition 10 years of water analysis needs to be supplied.

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